Busking in Keswick Town Centre

Following a recent Keswick Town Council meeting, a decision was taken to change the Busking Code of Conduct so that it now says ‘No amplification is allowed’. This is due to complaints which were submitted to agencies including Keswick Town Council and Allerdale Borough Council about the level of disturbance in the Market Square.

The Busking Code of Conduct is a voluntary scheme which is administered by Keswick Town Council, aiming to keep entertainment appropriate to the setting of a Lake District Town, ensuring volumes are kept at a level in keeping with the tranquillity expected in a National Park. This scheme also allows for the registration of buskers, providing potential entertainers with a badge to show that they have agreed to abide by the Code of Conduct.

For any queries, or to apply for a busking badge, contact us at office@keswicktowncouncil.gov.uk, or call us on 01768 73607.