Role of Town Councillors

There are 12 Town Councillors representing the two wards in Keswick – East and West. Elections for all 12 seats on the Town Council are held every four years, with the next election due to take place in May 2023. As Keswick Town Council is sole trustee of Fitz and Hope Parks, all Town Councillors also act as Trustees of the parks.

A Town Councillor’s role is varied and includes:

  • Acting as a representative for residents and bringing their views to the Council’s decision making process both on matters relating to Town Council services and on general issues affecting the town.
  • Participating in the governance, policy setting and strategic management of the Council through work on committees and as a Member of Council.
  • Responding to residents’ enquiries and representations.
  • Representing the Council on other bodies.

Keswick Town Councillors are not paid for their work as Members of the Town Council.

Keswick Town Councillors by Ward

East Ward – Allan Daniels, Stephen Harwood, Sally Lansbury, Duncan Miller, Jean Murray, Adam Paxon, Peter Walter
West Ward – David Burn, Alan Dunn, Tony Lywood, Paul Titley, Louise Dunn
Keswick Allerdale Borough Councillors:
Allan Daniels:
Sally Lansbury:
Markus Campbell-Savours:
Keswick Cumbria County Councillor: 
Tony Lywood:

David Burn

7 Grange Park
Keswick,CA12 4AY
Tel: 07859 140 291

Duncan Miller

Duncan Miller

Linthwaite, Manor Brow
Keswick, CA12 4AP
Tel: 017687 72295

Jean Murray

33 Wordsworth Street
Keswick, CA12 4BZ
Tel: 017687 72295

Allan Daniels

31 Lakehead Court,
Keswick, CA12 5EU
Tel: 017687 44531

Steve Harwood

3 Browfoot,
Keswick. CA12 4LQ
Tel: 017687 80708

Adam Paxon

Adam Paxon

Toll Bar Cottage, Penrith Road
Keswick, CA12 4JR
Tel: 07989 386599

Alan Dunn

St. Johns House, St. Johns Street
Keswick, CA12 5AP
Tel: 017687 72128

Sally Lansbury

The Grange, Manor Brow
Keswick, CA12 4BA
Tel: 078779 71609

Paul Titley

32 Penrith Road,
Keswick, CA12 4HA
Tel: 07802 211496

Louise Dunn

Sunnycroft, Penrith Road
Keswick, CA12 4LJ

Tony Lywood

Shu-le-Crow, 7 Penrith Road,
Keswick, CA12 4HF
Tel: 07789 886015

Peter Walter

Braithwaite, CA12 5SX
Tel: 07775 566005