Town Council Staff and Job Vacancies

The Council currently employs a total of seven full time and part time staff  – three work in administration and six in park and grounds maintenance. The administration of the Council is carried out by a qualified Town Clerk (Vivien Little) who is appointed by the Council. The Town Clerk must carry out all the functions required by law as the Town Council’s Proper Officer and issue all statutory notifications.

Vivien Little (Town Clerk) is supported by the  Responsible Finance Officer (Catherine Parker), who is responsible for general and financial administration, the third member of the office team is Ania Mlynczak the Administration & Finance Assistant.

The Parks Manager, Christine Fawcett, is assisted by Senior Gardener, Matthew Gee and two gardeners – Sarah Pickett & David Collis who maintain Fitz, Hope and Wivell Parks along with the Townsfield.

Vivien Little

Town Clerk
Catherine Parker

Catherine Parker

Responsible Finance Officer

Sarah Pickett


Ania Mlynczak

Admin & Finance Assistant

Matthew Gee

Senior Gardener

Christine Fawcett

Parks Manager

David Collis


Current Vacancies: No current Vacancies