The PUPS Shelter in at Wivell Bridge is looking a little worse for wear these days, but it is about to have a spruce up thanks to two grants obtained to help the work.

The first grant was from the Keswick Bridge (Lake District) Appeal, to which visitors to the Keswick Bridge timeshare resort can contribute, and which enables visitors to give back to the local community in return for the enjoyment and help they have experienced from the national park and its people. Fitz Park Trust has received a grant of £500 to help fund the work on the PUPS Shelter.

Fitz Park Trust is also proud to be the first recipient of an award from the newly set up Geoffrey Blake Architectural Heritage Fund, which is managed by Cumbria Community Foundation. This fund is for community projects of architectural merit, and the refurbishment of the PUPS Shelter was given a grant of £2,258.94.

The grants mean that the PUPS Shelter can have the rotting legs replaced, and be re-painted in traditional green, which was the original colour of the Shelter, and bring this historical structure back to looking its best.

Fitz Park Trustees are grateful for the support of both the Bridge Appeal and the Cumbria Community Foundation for the work.